The summer we went to counseling

Let me open up by saying that the last few years have not been kind to us. We've had more challenges, stress, bouts with depression, and confusion than I'd like to admit. And the hardest part about it all is that none of it is easy to explain. In 2014, we wanted to move back … Continue reading The summer we went to counseling


Lessons from the early years

My husband and I started dating when we were sixteen. I saw a sixteen year old at Panera Bread the other day, and I can hardly believe that I was her age when I started falling for Luke. I love the fact that we have grown up together, changed together, and continue to figure out who we … Continue reading Lessons from the early years

Am I really that committed?

I’m beginning to learn on a deeper level what means to be committed in marriage. Not just as two people, but as a single person - me. Luke and I always say that divorce is not an option, but I didn’t realize until just recently that, although I’ve been saying it since the beginning, it’s … Continue reading Am I really that committed?