Give me Jesus

I kind of can’t believe that I’m writing again. There was a period of time where I thought I was done. Or at the very least, that it could be years before I wrote again. But it turns out, all I needed was a 6 day break, a purge in my spirit, and a breath of fresh life that can only come as a gift from Jesus himself.

So let’s travel back and think about a situation where you became so fed up, so discouraged, so frustrated… that you were willing to undergo some sort of pain/discomfort in order to make a change. For a while you were very comfortable and happy. But as time went on, and the situation changed, you began to see that more bad was being done than good. Despite the comforts of the known and the perks that still persisted, you found yourself so desperate for change that you were willing to endure pain and discomfort to see it happen. The pain and discomfort was worth it to get you out of that place.

Luke and I were talking the other morning about prayer, and how spending time seeking God takes discipline. You literally have to fight against your own will in order to find his. But we’re finding that a few minutes of pain is worth far more than the alternative. For the alternative, we’ve found, is hollow.

We’re seeing how good life can be when we are partnered with Jesus. It’s hard to give up control, but we’re also relieved to do so. We’ve done it without him and have found it increasingly disappointing. We’re finding that when we consider the state of our souls, and not just the comforts of our physical bodies, the needs of the soul far outweigh the needs of the body. What we need is to be connected to God. What we need is to depend on him – so fully and completely that our steps are guided by his voice. What we desire is to live a life that cannot be explained apart from him. We’ve become sick with what this world has to offer, despite its comforts. Its promises are empty and its pleasures are fleeting. It’s worth dying to our own need to control in order to live a life with God.

I hope this encourages you towards Christ. He is gracious to forgive us when we admit our need for him, save us completely, and offer us a life that we were always meant to live.



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