This house on Lake Street

We’re buying our first house next week, and to be honest, this house is a big step of faith for me. Big. When we took our first tour, I was ready to bolt. But at the end when I asked Luke what he thought, he said, “let’s go put in our offer.” I was amazed, a little freaked out, and yet I had peace – almost like a whisper that said, trust him.

We prayed together, and asked Jesus to be with us every step. I told him, “I don’t want this house unless you promise to go with us. If your favor won’t be there, close the door. I want no part of it.”

Have you ever been in that place? I’ve learned enough about Jesus to know that I need to be headed wherever he is. We’ve wanted other houses, but the peace has never been there. In its place was panic. Every time. But not just that. I’ve been down enough roads and been beat up enough times – and rescued countless others – to know that his way is the best way. If it means my disappointment, fine. I’ll get over that. But I can’t go another place without him.

So, we put in our offer. Next day: accepted. Two days later: inspection. One week later: appraisal. And here we are now – about to close – 6 weeks after our offer was accepted.

There’s been reason to worry with each step of the process, but each time the same whisper has trumped each one, “don’t worry – either way, I am with you. You can’t lose. Whether you move forward in the process or it stops today, it’s the best plan.”

It’s been a whirlwind, but I’ve felt peace with every step. I’ve known that if he is in this, nothing will stand in our way. And if he’s not, I’ve been trusting him to pull us out. It’s like our decision to move to Colorado all over again.

Peace with every step.

Lord Jesus, this house is a step of faith for me on so many levels, and I know that the need to trust in you will only increase after we’re finally moved in. Can I just say “thank you” for walking this with us? May I offer nothing but praise to your name when I am asked in the future about our first house. 

IMG_4632Kristen Larson started writing in 2011. Since then, she has contributed to the Faith Radio Network blog, wrote devotionals for Daily Wisdom for Women 2016 with Barbour Publishing, and got her dream job working on book covers for Bethany House Publishers. She and her husband live in an adorable rural town in Minnesota, where they love spending time together working on home updates and renovations.

For more information, visit her About Page.




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