Creative Refresher

It’s been a while since I’ve written – too many other things going on I suppose. My mind has been too tired to be creative. Know what I mean? But I’ve been finding sweet moments of refreshment. Like tonight, for example. We are in the last week of packing up our things to move into our first home, but I’m taking this evening to be outside. 


I even brought out a candle. And my dogs. 

This is good. Nothing helps me put things in the right perspective like being outside. 

You know those times, when you’re doing nothing but work and busy stuff, where you start to long to do something creative? My creative bone is tingling. Hence the reason why your reading something about nothing. It’s just me trying to be creative. Sorry about that. But after a long time of not writing, I need a fun little post about nothing to get back into the swing of it.

This night? Oh, it’s been a success. A creative, wonderful, refreshing success. 


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