Story jumping 

I think it’s time we start realizing that our story is simply going to look different than everyone else’s. Literally – everyone else’s. I guess that fact really hasn’t hit me until now.

Are you in the same boat?

I keep looking at the people around me and thinking that at any moment now my life will start to look like theirs. But I keep getting disappointed. So then I look to people who are further along than I am who had some similar events happen in their past and I try to predict my future and the next life event based on that. Again, disappointment.

It’s taken me up until now to realize that what’s logical for them isn’t logical for me. What they can accomplish at their age doesn’t mean I can accomplish the same thing. What’s in their immediate future isn’t in mine.

I’ve just begun reading Broken Escalators by Peter Haas of Substance Church, and already in the introduction of this book that truth is being made clear to me. To quote a couple sections,

“We still hold fast to devastating misconceptions: that happiness is circumstantial, that people can prevent God’s promotion, and the worst misconception of all, that we know what makes us happy.”

“Your current devastation may be the greatest thing that has happened to you. Your current delay just might be your current deliverance.”

“God knows, there are only two ways to experience the rollercoaster of life: You can throw your hands up and enjoy it, or you can try to control it. (Good luck with that second option, by the way.)”

“But that’s the point. We don’t really know anything, which is why we need these two things: 1. A Father in heaven who can look out for us. 2. An unflinching trust in His plan, no matter how things look.”

This is all from the intro. I figured I should stop before I border on plagiarism.

I’ve been trying to escape the story that’s being written for me. I’ve been focusing all my effort on conniving ways I can force myself out of my book and into someone else’s. Psalm 5:3 says this:

Listen to my voice in the morning, Lord. Each morning I bring my requests to you and wait expectantly.

IMG_5619That is what I need to continually do. Non-stop. Seek the Lord in all things, and wait expectantly. My WordPress app defined expectantly as “an excited feeling that something is about to happen, especially something good.” This verse, combined with what I know about God through the Bible and the reminders I’m reading in Broken Escalators, has put a fresh perspective in me regarding my story. Maybe it will help you with yours as well.

I think it’s time that I start embracing my story for what it is and be thankful for every single piece of it. I don’t want to be so busy looking at other people’s story that I miss out on living my own.  And the biggest thing I cannot overlook or understate, is to seek the Lord in all I do and wait expectantly for Him. He is what this life is all about. There is no other thing, person, or circumstance that can even begin to compare to Him or bring the joy and peace that he can. He is the author. And this is a book I can’t miss out on.



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