Accepting the changes 

Almost every time we’ve moved, I’ve ended up missing the home we just left – the one I couldn’t wait to get out of. It’s like I can’t appreciate things and see them for what they are until they’re gone. In this case, I wanted to move home to Minnesota. I prayed so hard for it! I was ready to leave the mountains. Excited to explore my home state and find new adventures. But for the past year and a half I’ve been acting as if Colorado was stolen from me. I’ve been playing the victim of my own choices, and it’s left me discouraged, exhausted, and depressed.

But in the last few weeks I’ve realized that I will never ever be happy and build a life that I adore if I am fixated on what I no longer have. 

I started reading 5 Habits of a Woman who Doesn’t Quit by Nicki Koziarz, and it’s given me a img_5311place to start. It’s helping me see that I have to put in the work to begin enjoying my life as it is now. I can’t give up and move back to a past life. Instead of pining after what’s gone, I want to look back on it with fond memories, remember the lessons learned there, and see it as hope for what can be!

I’m going to be in this sweet, rugged state long term, and want to enjoy every moment of it. It’s time I got to work on continuing to creating a life I adore.

Step 1: Finish the book

Step 2: Accept that I am where I am. This is home. It’s different than the last place I was, but there is good here! This is a wonderful place to be! I need to forget what lies behind, stop using it as an excuse, and embrace what lies ahead. I won’t see the opportunities, joys, and blessings until I open by eyes and begin to look.






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