My true source – journal entry


Lord, here I am. Once again, I come and wait. I wait on you for direction, purpose, and peace. You are the only source. I need you. If only I could rid myself of my earthly faults and failures, I would never have spells of emptiness. 

Life is more than tragedy. It is more than sorrow and fear. It is the most wonderful pleasure. I choose to believe that life is good, and every moment is an opportunity to see you. I know and accept that I will never know the purpose of life , but I choose to trust you and enjoy as many moments as I can. I choose to believe that you are with me. I choose to find my worth only in you, and not in what I do or produce. 

I don’t have to be alive right now, but here I am – living and breathing. All I need to do is rest in the joyful fact that you gifted me with this life to live. You’ve gifted me with this opportunity to know you in such an incredible way. 

Father, help me to notice every blessing and watch expectantly for the ways you plan to move today. 


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