My prayer for you this morning. 

After sitting down on the couch with my coffee and chihuahua for a bit this morning, I found myself beginning to feel anxious. I didn’t have the mental energy to read, and even my mind felt sluggish. There are many things going on in life right now that I should pray for, but the thought of trying to hold them all up to the Lord in petition seemed to be a weight I could not bear. So I closed my eyes, took a deep breath, and prayed to the Lord that above all he would be glorified. That through every circumstances his name would be praised, and that my brothers and sisters in Christ would be strengthened in their faith. I prayed that we, as his church, would see his faithfulness over and over again, and because of his grace to us we would be overjoyed to pay it forward to those around us. 

It’s Friday – there is always hope that the weekend is near and a break from the routine is almost upon us. But may we find en even greater hope this morning in the love of Christ. 


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