Eat. Sleep. Climb.

I had half a mind to go out on a walk this morning. It’s one of my favorite times of the year, and the thought of a cool rush of air through my hair and a deep cold breath down into my lungs might be just the thing to perk me up and get me going this morning. My chihuahua, Faun, has adjusted wonderfully to living in Minnesota, so I know that she would be thrilled to get out as well – despite the fact that I would throw a sweater on her and maybe even boots if it’s icy. You have to go the extra mile when it’s January and your dog is 3 pounds.

But I stayed in. I made my usual morning cup of coffee and Faun and I snuggled in under our usual blanket. I’m an introverted extrovert, so time alone with my thoughts can be just as refreshing as a coffee date with a friend or a day out adventuring.

As the sun rose and the association crew began shoveling the pathway in front of our home, my thoughts strayed to the phrase printed on my coffee mug…

Eat. Sleep. Climb.

I think this phrase can be taken two ways. The first is a reflection of the mundane – the daily grind. It makes me think of being overworked, exhausted, and stuck in a pattern that no one really wants to be in. Survival mode.

The second inspires adventure. Eat – because you have to have fuel to keep moving. Sleep – because without it you cannot make wise choices and your body won’t function as needed. Climb – because life is a journey you don’t want to miss out on. Move forward! Climb that mountain!

Just thinking about this makes me excited. We have no idea what lies ahead, so why not gear up and get ready?

Get out there.

Have an adventure.



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