A letter to Soul…

My Soul,

Why are you so concerned about this thing you cannot control or could have predicted? Let me tell you that this does not define who you are or what your future will be. You are Gods, and you trust in Him, remember? So do not let the enemy break you down and tear you apart based on such a fleeting thing. Instead, let it cause you to reinforce your defenses and sharpen your sword! For even though it is a fairly dismissible attack, I see that you were shaken. So let it awaken us both to the reality that so much is at stake. To be alert, always training, and ready to destroy any lie that comes our way. Let’s lean even more into the presence of our Savior. Praise the Lord that we are not in this alone. No, He is fighting beside us – protecting and cheering us on.

There is much ahead of us. Trust only in God and how He’ll be with us every step – getting us ready for what lies ahead.

Soul – let’s keep our head in the game and our eyes on the goal.

We can do this,





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