Taking a step back. Seeing the game from the outside. 

My husband and I found an incredible deal on Groupon and were able to rent an amazing cabin at a resort I grew up going to with my family. It captures the essence of all that is amazing to me about being up north in the Minnesota woods. Some of my favorite childhood memories were created here, and I can’t wait to remember the old and create brand new ones with Luke while we are here.

But the best part is that this vacation isn’t an escape. Unlike a lot of getaways we’ve had since being married, this one isn’t about finding a way to survive our day to day. It is a clear place for me to soak in all God has done for us. I’ve just been too busy, too in it, to really see. It’s like I’m hopping out of the game to see it from a different angle. And looking at it from afar, it’s prerry darn good. 

The Lord has blessed us beyond anything I ever imagined. It’s hard to see that when it takes so much work to create. 

But it’s there.

It’s here.

And He is good. Always.

The thing it’s taken me too long to learn is how I need to run to him in times of trouble…not away from him. Even if he is the cause of my trouble, the purpose is not to make me miserable – its refining me. For what? I don’t have any idea other than there must’ve been a greater purpose. Beyond that, I just need to trust and be at peace. 

Lord, my God, thank you. Thank you for this life. For whatever reason, there is good and there is bad. But when I choose to trust in you, it seems to work out for the good. May my eyes be forever set on you and the vision you have for my life. 




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