A lesson learned from a tiny pup.

Most days when I come home from work, my little pup follows me everywhere. Into the bathroom, kitchen, bedroom – she’s right on my heels. Wagging tail and all. I feed her dinner, let her out, and even play with her favorite toy. Still she will not leave me alone for a second. She just follows and then stares at me with those beautiful little eyes.

I finally pick her up. She’s all of three pounds, so I cradle her like a football in my left arm. Her body relaxes and her eyes get heavy. Soon enough she is basically asleep. This is all she wanted. Just to be held close to my heart.

I wish I could be as persistent with the Lord as my little chihuahua is with me. She missed me, and nothing could satisfy her except to be held close to my heart.

I’ve had those same moments with the Lord. I’ve been fed, my basic needs are met, and yet I’ve still needed more. In those moments I know that the only cure is to spend time meditating on His Word and being quiet in His presence.

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