Making the most of it

It can be hard for us to see how wonderful something truly is if it’s wrapped up in a package that contains a few flaws. Or even worse, more flaws than positive points. For example – I have a patio. It’s the tiniest patio I’ve ever had, and half is shared with my neighbors. There is no privacy. It has no view, and stares straight into the back wall of garages. Over the years, I’ve had many amazing patios and balconies that I have grown to love (you’ve maybe even heard me obsess about them), and I’ve realized that I need that time outside to sit and be alone with my thoughts.

But I had written this one off as impossible. I was surrendered to the fact that as long as I live in this place, I’ll have to go without that adored time outside. 
Can you relate? Maybe it’s not a patio, but something else in your home. Maybe the rooms are too small, the kitchen is outdated, or there’s no garage. It could be any number of things…the paint is ugly or you don’t like the carpet. Maybe the sink drips. Maybe the outlet for your hair dryer is two inches to the left further than you’d like it to be. Can you relate? 

I really hate the idea of living somewhere where I can’t go outside and sit down. For me, this was the major drawback of the place. But then one day, almost a year into our lease, I took another glance. With a fresh perspective, I noticed I had enough space for one comfy chair and even a small table if I squished it up against the side of the chair. There was room for a hanging basket of flowers and even enough sun for a tomato plant.

As it turns out, it really is a great little space. And I’m finding the exact same refreshment from it that I had found with my other patios and balconies. 

Things change when we decide to shift our focus to what is good. Yes, it is still not perfect, or even ideal, but that really doesn’t matter anymore. Has anything in life ever been ideal?  

We are blessed. We are loved by our Lord. If you have a roof over your head and food in the fridge and blankets to keep you warm at night you are blessed. I dare you to begin acknowledging those things. Get creative. Dig a little to further discover how great they really are. You’ll begin to appreciate what you have and develop a calmer, happier outlook on your life.  


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