First draft: the bigger picture

The benefits of writing are hidden, and known only to the writer themselves. The reader knows the outcome, but writer knows the struggle, the process, and the freedom. 

It is the process itself that is my sole reason for writing. Let’s be honest, I don’t know 12 ways to a better body, or 6 easy steps to a thriving relationship with God. But I do know that no matter what your goal might be, it is a complicated journey that only you can walk. 

I want to encourage my fellow writers to take a look at why you do what you do. Is it for fame? Every single one of us want a following and for our posts to be shared by every person alive, but if that is your reason, and the reason behind giving up, then I think you’re missing the joy of the journey. 

I write because I am a deep thinking, outgoing introvert. When I’m with people, I am happiest when I am the center of attention. But afterwards I need time alone to process my thousands of thoughts from the day. If I could make a living by reading books and thinking way too much about them, I would make bank.

But it’s more than that. You see, my husband hears from God through music, and through being involved in our church worship team. You should see how his face beems after playing a set, and hear the conversations we have when we get home. God speaks to him. For me, I have so much going on in my head all day long, that God meets with me and helps me sort them all out as I sit down to write. 

That’s the reason I write. That’s the force that has driven me to continue for almost four years. It’s not for the sole goal of a book deal or a paycheck – it’s because in that place I commune with my Lord. I’ve shared plenty of articles that got a grand total of 3 views, but my life was changed. 

What’s your reason? What force is driving you? I pray that as you write your next piece your mind will be cleared, your soul returned to peace, and your awareness of God hightened to a new level. 


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