…because she had hope.

She got up from the couch, turned the tv off, and walked into the kitchen. She rinsed off the dishes and put them all in one side of the sink, where they could hide out until tomorrow. Her thoughts weren’t in the right place to wash them and put them in their proper place. Lately, her life had become full of chaos. Her calendar was always overflowing with events, coffee dates and holidays, and her weeknights were left for catching up on housework, grocery shopping or turning in early. It wasn’t just her body that was tired, but her mind as well. She knew that if she had to do one more task that night she may never calm her nerves down enough to go to sleep.

So, she turned aside to a small bag of dirt and seeds that sat on the counter next to her. Gifts from a friend who had a beautiful yard and a place for a large garden. A gift that would allow her grow something on her tiny apartment patio. She took an old egg carton out of the fridge, discarded the rotten eggs, filled it with dirt and began to plant. Some of the seeds had already begun to sprout – a sure sign to her that she would be successful in this project. Those seeds would be safe in the dirt, she thought. They would have everything they need to grow big and strong. They would not only be pleasing to her, the planter, but also to those family members and friends that would share in the small but wonderful harvest. These seeds were not simply seeds – they were a physical, tangible reminder of future joy. 

She smiled as she waked up the stairs to bed. Something new had sprouted in her heart. A day that started off with silent prayers and plea’s ended with a reminder of how even a field full of crops began with a tiny, speck of a seed. 

She smiled, because she had hope. 


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