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Sharing another guest blog post with you this evening…hoping it will bless you. I love when this woman writes. I hope you will too :)

-Kristen Larson

another day's words...

When I first moved here, to Bend, I claimed that I would never grow accustomed to the Mountains.
Over and over again I drove these roads with a fantastic view of the beautiful Cascades. Each and every time I caught a glimpse of their wonder, my heart would pause and admire the great work of our Creator. In fact, the mountains were almost my assurance that He was with me in this new place.

cloudy dayJOY bottlescandy cane treat

Well, it’s been just over two years now since I became a Bendite.
And as of recent, at least, I have to admit that I may have become accustomed to the glory of the mountains. It may be because many of the past days have included clouds, but more likely it’s because my heart chose to stop seeing the incredible beauty.

When I drove past those partially cloud covered mountains today, something shifted in my heart…

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