Where we belong

I’m telling you – change is never easy. Even if you love that new change. I got a new job a few weeks ago, and I love it. However, I always seem to handle life changes with much less grace than I hope. I have a lot to learn. I have a ways to go until it’s routine. It’s not an easy transition.

I always run as long and as far as I can on my own strength – whining and complaining often. I end up feeling like a burden to my husband (though he continually tells me I’m not), and end each day with a feeling that life will never return to a wonderful rhythm. I day dream about the “good old days” and wonder why it had to change – in the meantime forgetting that even in rhythm and routine there are days of discomfort and frustration.

Yet now, I come across a passage in Psalm that gives me that peace that can only be the Lord’s. I read it over and over, and wonder why I ever let myself drift away from His Word. Have you ever read those verses in Psalms that say things like, I delight in your laws and decrees? When I was young I would have said that David was crazy. Now? Now I understand.

The things the Lord asks of us is for or own good. We are to put Him first, because he is everything we will ever need. If we put money, love, or desire before Him we will be left empty and alone, for He is the true source of life. We are also to put others before ourselves, because by doing this we show others how good the Lord is to us. He sent His son to die for us – He wants to be with us. He made a way for us to access Him. He desires us. So when we love others as we love ourselves, we are inviting them to know the Father. We are showing them how rich life with Him can be.

Isn’t that wonderful? When I think of all this, and then think back to the stress I put myself through with all the change that’s happened in life, I almost laugh. Well, more accurately, I shake my head in disbelief. Kristen, I think to myself, why do you always try to do everything on your own strength? Fix your eyes on the Lord – the author and perfecter of your faith. You know that He is for you. He is with you through everything. Big and small. If only you would look to Him always, He would lead you beside still waters. He would quite you with His love.

If you’re going through change like I am, do yourself a favor and skip the part I’ve put myself through. Don’t try to handle this on your own strength. Sure, we need to fight and put one foot in front of the other. We need to step out in faith and be strong and courageous. But we will not survive if we try to do this all on our own. We need Him.

If we look back through all the stories of the Bible, we begin to see that we are made to be with our Lord. He made us to be with Him. Do yourself a favor, and return to where you belong.


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