Two months in

Exactly two months ago today we were driving away from our lives in Colorado – leaving behind some of the most amazing people I’ve ever met, and relationships that became our family during our years away from home. I remember that drive well. It wasn’t filled with giddy excitement like you usually experience on a road trip – it was filled with peace, knowing that this is the next step for us. Driving away, crossing from Colorado into Nebraska, felt like the most natural thing in the world. God had called us onward, and we were following.

The past two months have not looked what I thought they would look like: Luke is thriving in his jobs, and I’m staying home full time to write and be a house wife. We’ve been busy catching up with friends and family, and trying to get out and adventure together. We’ve bought kayaks, played on some 4 wheelers, bought a fire pit, explored our new town, and refinished some furniture in our garage. We’re happy. It’s better than I expected.

Any change, especially on this scale, is hard. Even if all the change is good, it’s hard. Rarely do things just fall into place when everything is new. I haven’t gotten myself on a good schedule yet, which throws me off daily. I miss my friends in Colorado, sometimes so much it hurts. But about a month ago, I was speaking on the phone with Kim, and she told me that even though it took almost a year in Colorado before we felt like we were home, she strongly did not believe that would be the case this time. That conversation gave me hope to believe that as well.

So, two months in, we’re still happy, and life is starting to get into a routine and rhythm. God has placed us into a community of simply amazing people that we enjoy more every time we see them. Work is going good for Luke, and I am so happy taking care of him and learning how to be a better writer. The dogs are happy too.

Although I’m hoping this is the last time I’ll have to pick up and move cities or states, I’m am thankful for all God has taught me in the process. I’m thankful for his provision every step of the way.


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