Step 1: Organize closet. Step 2: Organize thoughts…

It’s Sunday night, and I think I’m ending the weekend off in a refreshing kind of way. Sitting on the floor in my room, organizing my closet. My closet, and my thoughts. I have four bins set out to organize all the necessary clutter. I wish I could do the same thing for my brain.  My laptop is on the floor, playing some of my favorite country artists. And close by is my little chi, Faun, chewing on her bone and occasionally coming over to put a smile on my face with a sweet kiss on the nose.

It turns out I have more pairs of jeans that I thought.

It’s been a pretty uneventful couple weeks around here, which is a love/hate relationship for me. In a way I kind of like it when things are all tossed up in the air… it gives me things to write about – opportunities to grow. It forces me to my knees. But, there is an amazing chance to re-focus and re-group when the waters of life stop churning, and become as smooth as glass.

Do you ever wonder what God wants out of you during the calm seasons of life? Sometimes I feel like I’m slacking. Like it’s too easy. I think there is no way God wants me to actually enjoy my life…is there? I think there is. I believe that God leads us to still waters to laugh, sleep deep, heal, dance, and play. Take in the sights and praise him for his goodness.

It gets hard to maintain a relationship with God in the calm of spring though, right? You’ve got nothing driving you to your knees. Nothing urgent that is getting you up early to pray. There isn’t a crisis that you need constant strength for. But why do we let that put a hold on our relationship? It’s almost the opposite of our human relationships. When things are good, we are happy and can’t wait to spend time with our spouse or significant other. Everything is a good time! But when crisis hits, it’s a 50/50 chance if you’re going to stick it through to make you stronger, or bail.

My husband and I have made the choice, time and time again, to stick it through the hard times. And our seasons of calm and normalcy are celebrated! We are stronger. We’re that much closer to being one.

I think that’s the mindset I want to have for this new season of life. I’m going to continue sitting at the feet of Jesus…laughing, remembering, and dreaming. I’m also going to remember others that are going through the storm, and be an advocate in prayer for them. God has given me a peace and expectancy about this summer, and I am going to make sure I’m keeping my eyes open to whatever he’s got up his sleeve.  I’m going to celebrate all the things he’s brought me through, and the blessings he’s given me. All the while, keeping my eyes on him.




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