Day in, day out…

How do I break the cycle? How do I keep my eyes open to the truth that no day is the same? Each day is unique, and today can never be like yesterday. Yesterday can never be repeated.

I am stuck in a cycle that begs to be broken. Each new dawn pleads to be recognized for what it is. New. I do not know what the new day will bring.

Why do I try to repeat life every seven days? What is it that makes me fear every Monday? I set myself up to see only the mundane, and my hopes are only raised when something out of the ordinary is planned. Date night. The big game. Holidays. But little attention is given to the unexpected laughs, home cooked meals and conversation.

I want to change my focus and stop assuming Mondays will be awful, Tuesdays will be boring, Fridays full of hype and Sundays full of dread. Friday could hold terrible news. Monday – the opportunity I’ve been waiting my whole life for.

Of course I’m writing this on a Sunday night, while cringing at the thought of starting a new week in the morning. Will I sleep good? Will work go by fast? Will I have a good evening? So many questions assault me, stressing me out and preventing me from enjoying the rest of this day. This day, which still has hours left to be enjoyed.

My hope is to break the cycle and dive into each day with no expectations. Wouldn’t that make life so much more fulfilling? I’ve got a feeling it’s going to be a slow and steady march…as all lifestyle changes are… but one that is well worth the journey. If I can rid myself of the weekly stereotypes, maybe I can enter into a cycle that provides more moments of peace, surprise, fun and appreciation.


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