An intimate Thanksgiving.

It’s been a while since I have felt like I have written a post just for me, and this morning I wanted to reflect on and capture for all time the amazing Thanksgiving Luke and I had yesterday. What made it amazing wasn’t the things we did or the people we did or did not see, it was that somehow we reached a new level of intimacy in our marriage.

Ladies, do you ever have that feeling that you desperately need your husband and couldn’t live a day without him, but he’d be fine without you? I’ve wrestled with that thought before, wondering if I mean as much to him as he does to me. But yesterday morning when we woke up, he looked into my eyes and told me how thankful he is for me. It wasn’t the flat “Happy Thanksgiving! I’m thankful for you!” – No. This was a real, deep phrase that came up from the soul and rattled my being. In that second we reached a new level of equality and intimacy in our marriage. Our souls were tied tighter.

That moment followed us into the day as we made coffee and cinnamon rolls, danced to Christmas music, Skype’d with family, and set up our Christmas decorations. After dinner, we ended the night spending a couple hours in front of the fireplace. We would take turns stoking the fire, and laugh about “How did Brad Paisley get off the playlist? Where did Phil Wickham come from!?”. Then we came upon a short conversation that shook my core. The summary of that conversation was this: I do not need other people to “refresh”- all I need is Luke and God. That phrase doesn’t mean I don’t need other people, because we all need community. It simply means that in order for my soul to feel peace and refreshment I need only to look to Luke and God. We have truly started to realize what it means to be a cord of three strands.

My heart is full. With that realization, I am able to truly give myself over to fully love my husband, because we are knit together as one. We know each others deepest, most shameful secrets, and together we celebrate God’s grace. We know each others highest moments of achievement, and together we celebrate God’s favor. The Lord has done an indescribable work in us over this past year. But, not only that, we are also able to say “God has this under control”, or “God will work this out”, and it reverberates deep within our hearts. God is no longer a deity that is far away and keeping tabs on our lives – no, he is close. Intimate. He is the third in our cord. A cord of three strands.

Although we spend a lot of time together, this holiday was truly a day to celebrate being together.


2 thoughts on “An intimate Thanksgiving.

  1. Wow, Kristen! Thanks so much for sharing what God is showing you. God’s idea of marriage is far more profound and beautiful than most can comprehend. But He’s sure giving you glimpses of His glory and clarity on His story for you. So, so grateful. Love you so very much!


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