Looking in the right place.

Peace is what I continually seek. There is nothing greater. Peace is not dependent on any external factor. A fierce wind can howl, hail can pelt, snow blind, but in his house there is warmth and safety. A war can wage or a fire burn, but into his sanctuary no worry can enter.

Peace is a person. Peace is God. It cannot be found in a situation or an item, nor can a situation or item deny its presence. I often look to my morning coffee or to good food. to find it. But peace is God. In the winter I look to puffy snow and the deafening quiet that follows. Warm blankets and puppy cuddles. But peace is not in the coffee, quiet or cuddles. Peace is God.

It is hard for me to remember in those stormy times that I have God on my side. So simple. So easy to forget. So powerful. The Lord is the creator of, well, everything. Nothing is out of his reach. Nothing can slip through his grasp unnoticed. And me? I am the apple of his eye. I am the reason he sent Christ to this painful earth, so that I could be made right and returned to his arms. He tucks me under his wings and whispers: simply trust in me, dear one. Simply know that I am God. I have overcome everything. I have created everything. So do not worry. Look to me. I will provide.

Comfort is found in a warm coco while it snows. Hot bubble baths. An affectionate hug or a kiss. But peace is a person. Peace is God.


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